Application Design for SAP Analytics Cloud released

As already discussed in detail in a previous article, the new SAP application, Application Design, has been available for some time as a beta version in the SAP Analytics Cloud. Now SAP has officially released Application Design for all users.


SAP is bringing Lumira Designer into its Analytics Cloud, even though Application Design does not yet provide the full functionality of Lumira Designer. The cloud version of the Lumira Designer can perform well with a number of other functions: Application Design provides the same user experience as the stories. For developers, Application Design offers a user-friendly development environment with extensive script functions and variables. A native While loop is one of the improvements in Application Design as well.


In addition to the SAP Analytics Cloud Application Design features mentioned in this blog post, the SAP release includes the following new features for Stories:

  • BPC Integration - Mass Data Entry for the BPC Live Connection
  • Import Connection for SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
  • Visual formulas for simplified scripting
  • Data locks for stories
  • Combination of data from multiple import sources
  • Translation of texts into applications
  • Adding analysis applications to the recently used list on the home page

A complete overview of all innovations and functions of the SAC Application Design and the Stories can be found here.


Of course, SAP Application Design is constantly developing further and some interesting functions are already planned for this and the next quarter of 2019, such as dynamic layout adjustment or data analysis of data from BW queries. Other innovations that SAP is planning are:


Completely flexible navigation to stories, Explorer and intelligent functions

  • Support Explorer via context menu and with additional script functions (e.g. set standard dimensions)
  • Hyperlink support for image and shape widgets

Create Story from Application

  • Functions for Closed Scenarios
  • OData Calls to Call the Transaction System
  • Programmatic access to OData

According to SAP, applications design should become more and more similar to the stories in the future. A look at SAP's roadmap reveals that application design will also integrate a geomap in the future and that the focus will be more on mobile devices. As always, we will keep you up to date on future innovations in our blog.


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