SAP Lumira Designer

SAP Lumira Designer is a powerful tool for creating responsive dashboards. Within the dashboards, various facts and relationships can be analyzed, whereby all users work with uniformly defined key figures and filter options as well as on a defined data basis. Working with SAP Lumira Designer is extremely user-friendly thanks to an intuitive WYSIWYG environment including many predefined elements, ranging from simple diagrams to HeatMaps and scorecards to a bookmark function. The dashboards can be published online and are suitable for display on all stationary and mobile devices.


The Lumira Designer supports SAP BW and HANA-specific services and can also process various sources such as BEx queries, InfoCubes, CSV files, HANA views, etc. Stories and data sources can also be edited, modified and extended as composites from SAP Lumira Discovery. Data from Lumira Designer can also be easily imported and edited in SAP Office Analysis, ensuring high interoperability of the individual SAP tools.


If you have special requirements for your dashboard, we can implement your own components with the help of the SAP Software Development Kit.

Lumira Designer - a Tool for IT Departments

At a Glance

  • Intuitive "WYSIWYG" development environment with many ready-made elements.
  • Optimized output for web and mobile devices (HTML5) through responsive design
  • Powerful script editor based on JavaScript
  • Supports SAP BW & HANA-specific services
  • Can consume various sources such as BEx queries, InfoCubes, CSV files, HANA views, etc.
  • Custom components can be created using the Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Serves as a central dashboard for all users (single point of truth)
  • Users can create bookmarks
  • Lumira Discovery documents can be processed as composites
  • Interaction with Analysis-Tool
  • Rapid deployment on Tablet using QR code