Our Methodology


Based on your company-specific architectural requirements, we are looking for the best solution to store, process, and present your data. The functionality of BI tools is common knowledge. With our extensive project expertise, we believe that we can identify the best technical solution for you.


Our objective is to fully understand the user requirements, to break down solution requirements in a transparent way, and to clearly communicate when single solution components will be deployed.

Our Approach

  • The project deliverables will be defined together with your internal project team.
  • Our favored procedure model is a middle course between the traditional waterfall model and an agile approach: a hybrid spiral model with clearly defined cycle lengths.
  • Early in the project, we estimate the project based on the current scope – the estimate shows priorities in content and is broken down into tasks and milestones that can be technically implemented almost independently. From there, we deduce the cycles and their scope.
  • Every cycle has a defined outcome and its length can be planned. At the end of each cycle, the increment goes live so that user feedback can be incorporated in the next cycle. Additional effort that might occur will transfer tasks into subsequent cycles.
  • Risk-oriented planning of the next extensions – the main risk being the availability of decisions
  • We do data & visualization prototyping as well as pilot testing 

Advantages of this approach

  • Balancing a traditional waterfall model and an agile approach 
  • Project staff (capacity) can vary from cycle to cycle
  • The cycles can be aligned to the company’s internal release management 

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