Procurement Analytics

As a company you may ask yourself: how efficient are our procurement processes? 

  • How can we use our ERP data to identify all our currently existing procurement processes? Has anything changed? Will we be able to plan financially quantifiable savings? How can we review the realization of these savings? How can we process and analyze savings that do not show any direct financial impact? 
  • How many suppliers procure the most important commodity codes? From whom do we actually source them? 
  • Are we able to streamline and standardize our processes by reducing suppliers per commodity code? 
  • Can we use bundling to enable single suppliers to offer better conditions? 
  • Do we track the quality of the most important materials and are we able to analyze quality? 
  • Are our suppliers compliant with service quality and process requirements? 
  • Are we meeting payment due dates and discount agreements? 

Procurement Analytics deals with these questions and offers methods and tools to provide answers. This helps to better detect inefficiencies, to reduce process time and cost.


We are here to support you 

  • as consultants to identify the key criteria for your company
  • to develop reports & KPIs based on SAP & BO products