BW runs differently on HANA

What are the challenges for the application development team when migrating to SAP HANA?

  • "All problems solved" attitude:
    • HANA will not improve your requirements management.
    • HANA will not solve any conceptual or implementation-related problems.
    • With SAP HANA, the processing time still increases with the complexity of the task.
  • Leisurely running databases that hold large amounts of data have rarely been subject to detailed drill-downs and problems have remained undetected.
  • If dependencies have not been consistently taken into account in the current ETL automation, a re-automation of load processes will be recommended to address the significantly changed loading throughput.

Why an application optimization is recommended after a HANA migration

  • Technically: In many use cases, the last persistent data layer can be neglected, i.e. storage space allocated by the application is permanently reduced and the application is simplified.
  • Functionally:  the HANA migration is mostly realized in combination with an SP upgrade. Under 7.4, the BI tool development is very dynamic, with significant improvement in development and administration.