Regular reviews save time and support user satisfaction

What is being reviewed?

Like mechanical equipment, BI systems are undergoing similar abrasion effects: 

  • Different / changed user behavior and requirements compared to initial planning 
  • Increasing data volume / lack of indexing and archiving 
  • “Small” subsequent extensions to the original data model with disproportionate effects on stability and reporting speed


When does it make sense?

The ideal time for a review is:

  • After the completion of a (technical) specification 
  • Immediately after the go-live (possibly after the go-live of the pilot) 
  • Bi-annually / annually after a go-live, depending on the scope of the subsequent extensions

Why is this relevant for you?

The areas of conflict…

  • “quick solutions” vs. “integrated solutions” 
  • “divisional data” vs. “jointly used data”
  • “latest BI tools” vs. “proven BI tools” 
  • “the person has developed the previous application” vs. “the new person knows the latest tools”

often lead to inconsistent decision making and as a result to a questionable design.

We screen your system professionally and independently. We are looking forward to showing you options for optimization. Please contact us!