Lumira SDK Extensions

Individual Dashboards with Lumira SDK Extensions

The SAP Lumira Framework and the Lumira Designer development environment are the perfect tools for creating dashboards quickly and easily without coding knowledge. Various standard components for different purposes such as data tables, charts, menus and layout elements are available. However, if you want a dashboard with individual functions, the standard component library of the Lumira Designer is not sufficient. The development of your own components, so-called Lumira SDK Extensions, is recommended for this purpose.

SAP Lumira SDK Extensions

By using extended, standardized components, we can work more efficiently than by creating and coding our own solutions. Extensions are the choice to standardize and accelerate development in Lumira Designer and to add additional functionality. With the Software Development Kit (SDK), SAP offers mechanisms for creating extensions, which are particularly useful in these four categories:

  • Visualizations
  • Interactivity and control
  • Planning and Simulation
  • Administration and Connectivity



The enhancements in the area of visualization and geodata analysis allow you to analyze spatial data more deeply instead of using simple plotting functions. The visually optimized delivery of data leads to more insights and increases, for example, the identification of patterns and the rapid detection of outliers.

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Interaktivität und Kontrollen

Das tiefere Eindringen in Ihre Daten kann durch Steuerelemente und Filter erreicht werden und und verbessert vor allem die analytischen Anwendungen. SIe können direkt im Dashboard in die Datenanalyse einsteigen und so Abweichungen besser verstehen.

Um das zu gewährleisten, richten wir Ihr Dashboard dem Nutzertypen und dem Ausgabeformat an.

Durch die Erstellung von Anwendungen und Dashboards, die den Bedürfnissen einer breiten Nutzergruppe entsprechen, steigt die Akzeptanz der bereitgestellten Lösungen in Ihrem Unternehmen.


Planning and Simulation

Setting goals or adjusting forecasts on exactly the same screen on which variance analyses are performed accelerates the process of adjusting goals to changes in the market environment.

In order to create flexible value driver models, it makes sense to use extensions, which we adapt to your wishes.


Management and Connectivity

The connection of additional data sources is important for many users and possible through the extensions. Establishing a direct connection to relevant data is often necessary in order to deliver data efficiently and without delay to the consumer. You as a user would like to have your dashboards and reports centrally provided in one interface? We deliver exactly that by tailoring the dashboards to your needs.