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Clean and accurate data is critical to the success of your business because it affects all key analysis and transaction processes. When you're tired of maintaining the ever-increasing amount of data in your Excel spreadsheets, NextTables solves your problem. It is an intuitive tool that offers you extensive options for data processing in SAP BW. Whether you need personnel cost planning or financial planning and want to use SAP data for it, NextTables makes it easier than ever because you don't have to work with large and slow Excel tables.

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Value Driver Tree Tool

Val Q - the Value Driver Tree (VDT) Tool

Do you know your company relevant KPIs and their effects on each other? With the Value Driver Tree Tool, you can visualize the interdependence of individual, business-critical key factors and simulate their effects in real time.

ValQ is the perfect solution if you want to automate your controlling. With the help of simple sliders, you can quickly see which factors are reflected in your company's balance sheet.

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Visual BI Extensions (VBX)

With VBX, your reports and analyses become even more meaningful. VBX stands for Visual BI Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer and contains a wealth of supplementary functions for the standard presentation of dashboards and analyses of key figures.

Whether maps, charts or filters, VBX adds useful functionality to your dashboard and gives you even more insight into your data. Best of all, you don't need deep scripting skills. In just a few steps, you can create meaningful dashboards that are displayed correctly on all end devices.

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