Regular reviews save time and help to maintain user satisfaction

What is being investigated?

Like mechanical devices, BI systems are subject to wear-like effects:

  • Other/changed user behavior and needs than originally planned
  • Increasing amounts of data/missing indexing and archiving
  • "Small" subsequent extensions of the original data model with disproportionately large effects on stability and reporting speed

When does it make sense?

The ideal times for reviews are:

  • After the creation of the specification sheet/technical specification
  • Immediately after the GoLive (if necessary after the pilot's GoLive)
  • Depending on the extent of subsequent adjustments, half-yearly/yearly to GoLive
SAP System Review

Why should that apply to you?

The fields of tension

  • "fast solutions" as opposed to "integrated solutions".
  • "department data" versus "shared data".
  • "latest BI tools" as opposed to "proven BI tools".
  • "The colleague has also designed the predecessor application" compared to "the new colleague knows the new tools" regularly lead to procedures that are objectively difficult to understand and, in retrospect, to questionable design decisions.

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