Procurement Analytics

The challenge: efficient & transparent procurement processes

Are you wondering how you can identify all your existing procurement processes using data from your ERP? Can you plan monetary quantifiable savings here?

Validated and transparent data

"You can't improve without measuring" - But how do I get valid figures? In many companies, especially with decentralized procurement organizations, there is still no numerical transparency of the different procurement units. As a result, management only receives insufficient data on potential savings and procurement volumes.

There are a number of other important questions that you can only answer with valid, transparent figures.

What about savings that do not have a direct monetary impact?

Can you further concentrate and standardize your processes by reducing them to a few suppliers per product group?

Can individual suppliers offer you better conditions through bundling?

Do your suppliers comply with the agreed service quality and process specifications?

Do you meet the payment terms and cash discount agreements yourself?

Questions, questions and even more questions that can only be answered by a solution that has been designed & implemented transparently from the outset.