SAP Dashboarding with NextLytics

Our dashboard projects with SAP Lumira 2.0 for meaningful dashboards

You should always get the right answers to your questions from your dashboard. As an expert in dashboarding with SAP Lumira 2.0, our holistic project approach gives you meaningful dashboards that provide you with exactly the answers you need. With years of experience in this field and a team of specialized experts, we make your project our joint success.

Our Project Approach

For each project we put together a team that exactly meets your requirements. Only with the right expertise in data architecture, design, front-end development and project management can your project be realized "on time" and "on budget".

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SAP Lumira 2.0

SAP Lumira 2.0 is the central tool for creating meaningful management and self-service dashboards. NextLytics AG is an SAP Silver Partner and your expert and consultant for development and implementation.

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