Machine Learning

Added Value through AI

Groundbreaking technological and scientific advances and the growing availability of meaningful data are leading to an increasingly profitable and frequent use of artificial intelligence in the corporate context. Existing business processes and products, for example, can be optimized and made more efficient through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. At the same time, novel business models are made possible that hold out the prospect of new earnings potential.


How can artificial intelligence and machine learning enrich your business?

Forecasts and predictive analytics for decision-making processes

Machine learning algorithms are able to recognize relationships and trends in huge amounts of data and from this derive forecasts and recommendations for important sales and cost-relevant business decisions. In this way, the company's profit can be directly increased by AI.


Clustering and Data Mining

A further use case of machine learning is to recognize structures, dependencies and trends in large unstructured data sets. For example, it is possible to better structure data, make it understandable and generate business-relevant insights from it.


Exemplary AI Use Cases in different business areas

Nearly all business areas and industries can benefit from the use of artificial intelligence.
Find out how and in which areas artificial intelligence is already being used successfully today:

Open customer invoices are often not paid on the due date. With machine learning, late or premature payments can be better predicted, enabling intelligent liquidity and cash flow planning.

AI in Finance Cash-In Prediction

AI makes it possible to predict the fluctuation probability of an employee. In this way, better decisions can be made in HR and the recruitment needs of different company divisions can be better planned.

AI in HR employee fluctuation

In procurement, machine learning helps to calculate the actual total costs from the planned material, personnel and other costs. Possible cost increases can be identified and suitable countermeasures taken.

AI in Procurement Estimate demand and costs

On the basis of previous leads and open negotiations, the actual turnover can be predicted.

KI in Sales Revenue Forecast

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