SAP BPC 10.1 (on HANA) & 11.0 (4HANA)

Due to a continuously increasing dynamic in today's market economy, the economic success of a company largely depends on its adaptability. Planning, budgeting and forecasts are fundamental components of the business processes. The main stumbling block in the introduction of integrated corporate planning is inadequate IT support of the planning processes. With SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC), SAP provides a tool with which you can operate several planning applications in one company and thus react flexibly to the requirements of your company.

The current version of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) 11 represents times of change. With SAP HANA, a fundamentally new database technology is used as the basis for planning. In addition, new tools for modeling planning applications are introduced.

Integrated business planning ensures your adaptability and strengthens your market position

While the versions prior to 10.1 were based on the older Business Objects technology, from version 10.1 on SAP pursues integration with SAP BW. The entire functions of BW IP (Integrated Planning) are available to you, which speeds up the development of planning applications enormously. Speaking of acceleration - with BPC 10.1 (for BW on HANA) and BPC 11 (for BW / 4HANA), thanks to HANA technology, you can increase the performance of your planning applications many times over. Older BPC versions, however, should no longer be used due to the lack of integration and the increased development effort.

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The strategic solution for your planning tasks


Time-proven IP backend …

Thanks to the full integration into SAP BW, you have access to predefined business functions that make it easier to set up planning applications. You can also use the characteristic relationships as usual to ensure the consistency of planning data. In addition, the data slices protect your planned values against unauthorized changes.


… with new functions

In addition to the time-proven IP functions, you get new helpful features. With the help of business process flows, you are able to provide the user with a guide through the planning application. The work status allows the user to control the entry for certain data areas. In addition, you can flexibly adapt read and write access to the transaction data via data access profiles and track the changes with data audit.


Facilitated decision making

Thanks to the intuitive user interface, you can easily adjust your plans and forecasts and thus accelerate budgets and planning cycles. This allows you to concentrate on the essentials and make your decision-making easier with a better overview of your business!

Design future-proof planning applications


All-new BPC 11

With SAP BPC 11, you will see some fundamental innovations. First, it is the first planning application that runs purely on the SAP HANA database. On the other hand, the majority of the modeling does not take place as usual in the SAP GUI, but in the Eclipse-based SAP BW Modeling Tools.


Extremely fast

With PAK (Planning Application Kit) for BPC 10.1 or native HANA technology for BPC 11, even complex operations such as the breaking down of planning data run extremely fast. In this way, you will also be able to manage steadily growing data volumes in the future.

Business warehouse on HANA

Safe investment

SAP BPC 11 is the official successor to SAP BW IP and strategically positioned by SAP as a path to the future. While other SAP planning tools go into maintenance, SAP BPC 11 is continuously improved. Your investments are therefore future-proof.

Fast, flexible, high quality - modular design for your planning application


Predefined planning functions

SAP BPC is delivered with a number of predefined functions, such as copying, revaluation or even forecast to make it easier to set up planning applications. Instead of designing basic functions yourself, you only have to parameterize the existing planning functions. This saves time and frees up capacity for really demanding tasks.

Simple scripting language for demanding requirements

With the standard planning functions, you can already cover a lot of typical requirements. However, only standard processes can be handled with it. If you have special requirements or certain calculation logic, such as calculating the contribution margin, FOX provides you with a simple scripting language. This way you can easily implement even the most demanding requirements.


Consistent planning

Consistent planning data are essential for a smooth business process. You can use characteristic relationships to determine which combinations you allow within your planning application. You can also derive the correct values automatically.

Protect planned values against changes

You can protect your planned values system-wide against changes. For example, after completing a planning cycle, you want to ensure that the planned values can no longer be changed and that planned data cannot be overwritten. In this case, you can use so-called data slices to lock this data.

20_HG_L_Schloss (2)

Set up approval process with work status

Work status gives your organization more control over its data and defines the tasks that each user can perform. So you can easily set different statuses, such as: Locked, Submitted or Approved and thus allow the user to control the entry for certain data areas.

Design work processes

With the help of business process flows, you can create a guideline for the user through the planning application. You can divide the processes into individual steps and assign them to the respective planner. This speeds up your processes and reduces support requests.


Flexible security concept

Data security is an essential topic in every company. To protect the data in your planning application from unauthorized access, SAP BPC provides you with a flexible security concept. This way, the department can involve new users in the planning even without IT support.

Track changes in plan values

With SAP BPC, you can perform a data audit to track changes in plan values. Information about all changes of planning values is recorded.

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