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Advance your business with
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Prerequisites, Use Cases and Best Practices for Machine Learning

This white paper covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Wording and overview
    • Use Cases
    • The 3 most important learning types of Machine Learning
  • Implementing Machine Learning projects successfully
    • Prerequisites of Machine Learning
    • Machine Learning workflow and lifecycle
    • Project roles and tasks
    • Avoiding typical pitfalls
    • Technologies for your Machine Learning applications

Take off with Machine Learning and artificial intelligence - but do it right!

There is no doubt that the topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are an important trend that occupies many decision makers in companies. However, due to the great promises surrounding this complex of topics, it is not easy to distinguish real added value from pure hype.

How exactly do AI & ML work? How can your company profit from these topics and where are the most interesting use cases? Which requirements have to be met and what has to be considered to implement successful projects in this area?


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