Our Project Approach

For each project, we put together a team that exactly meets your requirements. Because only with the right expertise in data architecture, design, front-end development and project management can your project be realized on time and in budget.


SAP Analytics Cloud vs Lumira Designer - the ultimate Comparison

Are you planning a dashboard with SAP? Would you like to know which tool suits you best? Our ultimate comparison proves it.

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Why Dashboards are so important

Every employee's daily decisions have a direct impact on your company. A good and meaningful dashboard is essential to make it much easier for all employees to understand KPIs and their impact on specific processes. The advantages are obvious:

  • Faster decision making through interactivity
  • Connectivity to real-time data sources
  • Transparent data basis improves decision making for departments and management

Dashboard projects fixed price

As a decision maker, you should always get the right answers to your questions from your dashboard. As a competent partner for dashboarding, we can help you do just that. Our experts for design and user experience, front-end development, business processes and data provision are available for every project. Experience has shown that projects with individual specialists are much more efficient and the result is all the better. That is why we always put together the optimal team of individual experts to achieve the best possible result for you.

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How we proceed

Properly planned and executed, you will get the most out of your dashboard in the future and our joint project will be a success. The following project model has proven itself for our customers:

First of all, we record your requirements for your new dashboard and create a planning sheet together with you in order to avoid potential errors right from the start. Then, the most important question for your new dashboard is: Which key factors are most important to you and should never be missing? The KPI Score Sheet provides you with the information you need and forms the basis for our project. In addition, we clarify for which target group the dashboard should be created: Would you like an application-oriented dashboard with a focus on special logic and optics? Or do you want it to be a self-service dashboard? Once the planning is complete, our web design and user experience specialists will set up an initial prototype for you.

Dashboard process

After acceptance of the prototype, the technical implementation takes place. We will assist you in choosing the right dashboarding tool. The focus is entirely on the desired requirements and technical conditions.

If the corresponding technical infrastructure for Lumira Designer already exists and special requirements (e.g. special logics, corporate designs) are to be implemented, Lumira Designer is the preferred solution.

If dashboards are to be further developed by the department and business users, the introduction of a self-service tool like SAC Stories, Tableau, Power BI or others is worthwhile. If enterprise dashboards or dashboards with special requirements are needed, you will rather need a tool like SAC Analytic Applications, SAP Lumira or with some restrictions Tableau. Each tool has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Once the appropriate dashboarding tool has been selected, the data modeling and query creation process continues. In the penultimate project phase, usability is optimized and possible bugs are eliminated. At the end of our project comes the testing phase by the customer, in which last discrepancies are eliminated.

lumira designer

Our Expertise

  • Project planning and coordination
  • Goal setting
  • Planning guide
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Prototyping
  • Dashboard development based on newest innovations

Our project management methodology, which is tailored to dashboard development, ensures that your dashboard is implemented on time and within budget. Our projects are usually completed after 90 days.

Dashboarding expertise

Data Architecture

  • Data Extraction & Data Modeling
  • Expertise: Finance/Controlling, Human Resources, SD/MM

We have many years of profound experience in data modeling in all essential business processes (SAP SD, FI/CO, Procurement, HCM, etc.) and can also talk to you on a technical level.

Data Architectur

User Experience

  • Dashboard design
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Logo design and much more

The times in which the design already participates in some "incidental" thing are definitely over. The demands in the age of digitalization have increased and intuitive user experience is a key element of a dashboard.

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Technical implementation

The frontend implementation can take place in Tableau, SAP Analytics Cloud or SAP Lumira, for example. We already have many years of experience in implementing dashboards and can also implement more complex developments.

Implementation with more complex (coded) dashboards:

The special feature of these solutions is the script development in BI Action Language (BIAL). In addition, customer-specific components can be developed if desired functions are missing.

LumiraDesigner Dashboarding
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