Vision, responsibility and values 

Success needs cooperation based on trust 

We see ourselves as an open and honest community.
Our cooperation is characterized by appreciation, trust, reliability, independence, creativity, curiosity and humor.

We respect, honor and value all people in their diversity, perspective and opinion and use these values as a benchmark for our actions.

We value the integrity of our business partners and strive to work together on the basis of shared ethical principles.

Our ethical values


1. Diversity

We build our cooperation and business relationships on the foundation of human dignity.

We respect everyone in their diversity and do not tolerate discrimination.


2. Openness and honesty

We live together free of prejudice, based on fairness and tolerance.
We encourage freedom of expression and act with respect and understanding for each other.


3. Ethical actions

Despite all the data and digital processes, human-centered action is our top priority.
We evaluate the integrity of (potential) business partners and refrain from cooperation if this violates our integrity and values.

How we live our goals and values

Making a difference

We are committed to responsible leadership: We find the right balance between leadership and personal responsibility for each individual. Development takes place individually - we set the pace together.

Not making decisions over people's heads: We invite everyone to contribute ideas and thoughts and to shape our strategy, our operations and our future together.



For us, it is the person that counts, not just their manpower!
Every person is important and we want to give everyone the best opportunities to develop and contribute according to their wishes and ideas.  
Our cooperation is based on honesty, mutual trust and interest in each other.



Sustainable and socially responsible action is the basis for good and long-term relationships.
We pursue this in our dealings with our customers and with each other!



Taking the necessary altitude regularly to look from above at what is.
Reflect and evaluate where we are and determine whether we want to be where we are.
Recalculate route or continue the journey - our agile mindset saves us from dead ends.


For us, every individual counts and yet is part of the whole

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