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SAP BW and state of the art machine learning - an alternative approach

Boost your BW with Machine Learning!

With our approach you increase the range of possible Machine Learning scenarios in your SAP BW

SAP has implemented machine learning tools for several use cases so far.

However, if you try to move outside of these standards, you will encounter weak spots that can spoil the fun of machine learning projects within the SAP ecosystem.

With the NextLytics Machine Learning approach you can enhance your SAP BW by mapping machine learning algorithms in Python. This gives you the opportunity to close the gap between SAP and modern machine learning open source technologies - an approach that data scientists will love!

In this whitepaper you will learn 

  • how our approach combines the best of both worlds (Machine Learning and SAP BW).
  • what a state-of-the-art architecture for this could look like.
  • which benefits you will gain by using the NextLytics Machine Learning Framework.
  • how you can benefit from greater flexibility and higher productivity of your data.

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