Our Methodology

NextLytics - our methodology for your success

Our years of project experience will help you to create customized and meaningful dashboards.

Our Approach

  • We develop project results together with your internal project team.
  • Our favoured procedure model is the middle way between classical waterfall and agile procedure: A hybrid spiral model with fixed cycle lengths.
  • At the beginning of the project, an effort estimate is prepared for the scope valid at that time - technically prioritized and technically subdivided into tasks and milestones that can be implemented as independently as possible. The cycles and their extent are derived from this.
  • Each cycle has its own objective and therefore a predictable length. At the end of each cycle, the increment is set productively - so user feedback can be taken into account in a subsequent cycle. Any additional efforts lead to the displacement of tasks into another cycle.
  • Risk-oriented planning of the next extensions - primary external risk: availability of decisions
  • Data & visualization prototyping and piloting as standard


The Advantages of this Approach

  • Compromise between classic waterfall model and agile approach
  • The number of project team members (capacity) can vary from cycle to cycle
  • The cycles can be adapted to the company's own release management system 


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