Val Q - Simulating value drivers in real time!

Use Cases of the Value Driver Tree Tool

The VDT tool is not only a tool for the controlling department and offers various use cases. The most important areas of application in a nutshell:

  • Business Modeling: Use dynamic modeling to simulate an executive's view of the business and identify opportunities for efficiency and improvement.
  • Strategic Objective: Simulate fully calculated scenarios based on current forecasts, budgets or actual data.
  • Budgeting & Planning: Compare budget versions and understand variances in drafts.
    Periodic new forecast and variance reports: Perform budget analyses and variance analyses or start a scenario-based reorganization planning.
  • KPI Dashboard for Managing Directors: Calculate your KPIs and incorporate them into your dashboard.
  • Analysis: Understand the impact of changes to one or more value drivers on operational or financial results.

Your Added Value

  • With the VDT tool, any number of simulated changes to value drivers within a tree can be calculated and displayed simultaneously.
  • Immediate recalculation of the (partial) tree, i.e. immediate insights
  • Simulations only affect the current or selected period and future periods.
  • Usable across departments
  • Accelerates management decisions
  • Fast if-then simulations
  • Automation of controlling
  • Enables collaboration with all stakeholders


More Flexibility

  • What if analyses of any bottom-up scenarios
  • Integration of data from different departments and technical data sources
  • Further, newly identified value drivers can be integrated at any time


Unique Usability

  • Unbeatable Simulation performance
  • Look & Feel of well-known apps
  • Consistent visualizations enable a high data volume without loss of focus




Fast implementation

  • Prototyping and customization in the cloud or local trial version
  • Company-specific prototype from us after a maximum of 10 days - possibly under trial license
  • ValQ is SAP certified, NextLytics is SAP partner