Val Q - Simulating Value Drivers in Real Time!

Simulate Value Driver Trees

The base of your reporting for controlling, accounting or management is usually an Excel file or a bottom-up planning tool. The disadvantage is that a spreadsheet requires a great deal of work and mostly only the creator can make changes. In addition, Excel does not offer the option of integrating data in real time or dynamic data. Such data records often remain static and meaningless.

Planning tools such as SAP BPC are highly complex and slow. Here, too, there is no possibility of visualizing scenarios and simulating them ad-hoc. ValQ from Visual BI is the intelligent tool for the easy simulation of value driver trees in real time.


Value Driver Tree Tool - easy to use, easy to understand


The Value Driver Tree Tool offers a uniform and intuitive web interface and enables cross-departmental collaboration of all stakeholders.

ValQ Collaboration


With a thorough understanding of your key value drivers, you can make better decisions much faster.

ValQ Appraisal KPIs


Simulate developments for any number of value drivers using a slider, as a percentage deviation, exponential growth or absolute value. You see the effects of the simulation without noticeable delay!

ValQ Simulation
Value Driver Tree Tool
ValQ Automation


No more manual editing of your data in Excel. With the Value Driver Tree Tool you automate your controlling and save a significant amount of time.

ValQ Standardisation


All key figures are mapped according to a uniform scheme, which makes it much easier to focus on the essentials.

ValQ Visualization


For an easier understanding, the effect of your simulation is graphically displayed for each individual value driver, but also for all value drivers above it.