SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Make sophisticated business decisions anytime, anywhere

With Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC), SAP provides a cloud data warehousing solution for companies of all types and sizes. Based on SAP HANA Cloud Services, data from all kinds of different sources is integrated in one place. The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud combines powerful data management functions with innovative analysis options in the cloud. This enables you to make secure business decisions anytime, anywhere based on fast and easy access to trusted data.

Data Warehouse Cloud offers state-of-the-art technologies for business intelligence, planning and machine learning. The insights gained can be visualized and shared with others using predefined templates and business intelligence functions. In contrast to the typical data warehouse, the business department takes a more active role in the DWC. Intuitive end-user analysis can help you achieve better results faster.


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Make intelligent decisions confidently

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Decision

Make informed decisions...

Make informed decisions based on a trusted source. You will be supported by the data lineage function and versioning. With the intuitive search function, you can quickly find the information you need.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud real time

… in real time

DWC lets you experience the speed and power of SAP's flagship platform for in-memory data in the cloud. SAP HANA reduces processing time from hours to seconds. This gives you instant access to the data you need, whenever you need it. But SAP HANA doesn't just bring speed advantages. The built-in powerful analysis functions help you to gain immediate insights and share knowledge quickly.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud cost control

Keep costs under control

With the pay-per-use model and transparent monitoring, DWC enables you to have full cost control. This allows you to allocate your IT budget according to current requirements. You control costs and capital expenditure by paying only for features that your company currently uses.

Turn data into valuable results - at a fraction of the cost

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Scalable

Easily scalable

Gain the technical flexibility to scale the system up or down as needed. With SAP Data Warehouse cloud, you never pay for idle systems. Its simple scalability ensures that your company is prepared for everything. You can start small and expand the system whenever you are ready.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud fixed costs

Reduce fixed costs

Reduce ongoing costs by minimizing administrative costs and enabling self-service. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, there is no need to invest in infrastructure - and maintenance costs are also completely eliminated. The cloud solution lowers your costs so that you can concentrate on activities with higher added value.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Integration

Integration in Analytics Cloud

The SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is closely linked to the analysis platform SAP Analytics Cloud. This integration with planning and forecasting functions enables companies to easily run simulations for all KPIs. The planned data can then be published in the Data Warehouse Cloud. In addition, advanced analysis are also possible via machine learning and Python integration. More...


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Learn more about SAP's product strategy for the future of SAP BW and SAP DWC. Take a look at self-service, reality check and implementation of SAP DWC.

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Empower users to achieve faster results with in-memory technology


Flexible analysis solution

You can choose between SAP's powerful embedded analytics solution or connect to any third-party analytics provider. With Data Warehouse Cloud, you benefit from unlimited flexibility in your analytical environment.

Build for Business

In contrast to the typical data warehouse, DWC allows the business department to take on a more active role. Users can execute more tasks without IT support: from modelling to permissions to data flows. Intuitive, cloud-based end-user analytics help you get better results faster.


Simplicity redefined

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is simple - easy to access, easy to use, easy to share and easy to maintain. The Data Warehouse Cloud is delivered pre-configured in a browser environment and managed by SAP for you.

Harmonised data

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud allows you to model consolidation, harmonization and multi-model support for all types of data. You can access cloud and on-premise data through virtualization and data replication. This enables you to make confident decisions and gain competitive advantage with the most up-to-date information available.


Innovative analysis functions for new business insights

The state of the art technologies for business intelligence, planning and machine learning are already integrated in DWC. Now you can benefit from advanced machine learning capabilities in your analysis.

Present the knowledge gained in an understandable manner

The knowledge gained must also be made available to others in order to achieve real added value. With ready-made templates and business intelligence functions, you can visualize your results and make your information immediately understandable.

HG_L_Chart Pie

Ensure user trust

The semantic business layer from DWC makes all data immediately understandable. It enables business users to use the modelling functions and call things by their name. This reduces the time required for modelling and ensures the understanding and trust of the business department.

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