SAP Integrated Planning (IP)

In order to efficiently and transparently represent the entire planning process in the company, transparency, traceability and the quality of the data and the process itself must be guaranteed. SAP BW IP (Integrated Planning), as an integral part of SAP BW, enables you to make targeted and future-oriented decisions to increase the efficiency of your company.

SAP BW IP is fully integrated into your company's SAP environment and uses harmonized data from your business warehouse. This tool enables companies to link actual and target figures in an integrated environment without generating redundant data and having to rely on different tools. In addition to the preparation and presentation of the actual figures, which are loaded directly from the operative source systems, plan values can be gathered in parallel and reported together. SAP BW IP thus improves the quality of planning and increases accuracy.

Realistic planning scenarios enable future-proof alignment of your company while reducing planning complexity and increasing flexibility. It is easy to simulate different scenarios and their effects are immediately visible on the strategic level. With BW IP, you can quickly adapt planning to dynamic markets and economic developments.

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The time-proven answer to your planning requirements


Time-proven solution…

SAP BW IP ist der Nachfolger des seinerzeit von SAP angebotenen BPS (Business Plan and Simulation), welches zurzeit nur noch sehr geringe Bedeutung hat. Dank der Integration in das SAP BW sowie der vordefinierten Funktionen genießt es eine große Verbreitung und ist vor allem für SAP BW Bestandskunden interessant.


...with future-proof upgrades

SAP BW IP is widespread and will continue to exist in its components because its core functions form the basis for SAP BPC Embedded, which is the new strategic planning product. Switching to BPC is thus very simple and you decide whether and when this switch should take place. Thanks to the PAK, which is also available for the BW IP, you benefit from the seminal SAP HANA technology and are therefore well prepared for the increasing amounts of data.


Consistent planning

SAP BW IP is fully integrated into the company's SAP environment and uses harmonized data from the business warehouse. This enables central, company-wide planning. Planning processes are predefined and use uniform planning objects and planning layouts. This ensures that all planners speak the same language.

Design planning applications quickly and effectively


Fast and flexible

The project duration is shortened thanks to predefined functions and a modular approach. At the same time, manual activities are reduced, which shortens planning cycles and increases planning quality. And thanks to HANA technology, you can increase the performance of your planning applications many times over with PAK (Planning Application Kit).



SAP BW IP is seamlessly integrated into SAP BW. You have direct access to the consistent operational data, which enables realistic planning scenarios. SAP BW IP thus improves the quality of planning and makes it more precise.



SAP BW IP is already included in the standard SAP BW license and can be used at no additional cost. SAP BW IP is therefore very cost-effective and does not require any additional investments.

Fast, dynamic, stable - modular design for your planning application


Ready-made planning functions

SAP BW IP has a number of predefined functions as standard feature, which enables, for example, the copying, revaluation or forecasting of planning data. You only have to parameterize the existing planning functions instead of having to develop basic functions yourself. This way, you save time and free up resources for really demanding tasks.

Implementing demanding requirements made simple

While you can already cover a lot of typical requirements with the standard planning functions, they only serve standard processes. If you have to implement a certain calculation logic, for example, you need to calculate the contribution margin or have other special requirements, FOX provides you with a simple scripting language. This enables you to quickly and easily implement even the most demanding requirements.


Consistent plans

Consistent planning data is crucial for a smooth business process. You can use characteristic relationships to define which combinations you want to allow within your planning application. At the same time, you can also derive the correct values automatically.

Protect planned values against manipulation

If you want to ensure that the planned values are no longer changed after the completion of a planning cycle, you can protect them from changes throughout the system. To do this, use so-called data slices to lock these values.

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