NextTables – all Features!

Extended Import Functions with Data Validation

You can simply import data by copy & paste, which will be validated for any errors before transfer.

NextTables enhanced import

Inline Editing

You can make changes to the data directly in the cell and then save them.

NextTables Inline Editing

Multi Edit

Change multiple records at once with just a few mouse clicks.

NextTables Multi edit

Multi Copy

Select the records you want to copy and save your changes.

NextTables Multi Copy


You can also delete multiple records at once.

NextTables Multi Delete


Add data from the clipboard or an Excel or CSV file.



You can apply different filters and then save this view as a bookmark and email it to your colleagues.

NextTables User Template

Global Filter Variables

You can create individual filters with specific authorizations.

NextTables global Filter

Fuzzy Search on Employee (BAdI)

Thanks to the integrated fuzzy search, you can perform a fuzzy search that also displays similar names.

NextTables Fuzzy Search

Search on InfoObject with Text (Out of the Box Search)

Search quickly and easily using search suggestions.

NextTables Fuzzy InfoObject
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