NextTables – Easy Data Editing in SAP BW!


NextTables is constantly evolving to provide you with the best possible functionality and performance. Here you will find an overview of the historical development of NextTables:


  • OData Feature - Add queries and HANA views to NextTables
  • Additional options in the configuration wizard
  • Additional validation information in BAdI
  • Improved user experience for compound InfoObjects and XXL attributes

Current version 9 (18.10.2021)

  • New design, additional display settings and themes like a dark and high contrast mode 
  • Key-text display for InfoObjects, as well as improved input and display of key figures with decimals
  • Improved interactions like "Delete all" or "Copy multiple rows" and "Edit multiple rows" with table mode
  • Improved use of compound InfoObjects
  • Documentation function on field and table level with the possibility to store detailed explanations, documents and images
  • Design able welcome page and the possibility to create freely design able pages within the menu structure
  • Validation on field level with direct reference to other fields during input and fill fields through BAdI implementation
  • New BAdI elements, such as the possibility to fill fields directly when creating new records
  • Extensive configuration wizard for objects including validation and support
  • Extensive menu wizard for the entire menu structure including validation, support and drag & drop function
  • Clear structure of the roles Super-, Configuration- and Content-Admin
  • Numerous improvements of existing features and bug fixes
Neuer Call-to-Action
  • New FrontEnd design with extended functions and optimized display
  • Introduction of the admin area with customization options in the design and application settings area
  • Completely new data upload with status window and optional background processing - data from Excel and CSV files up to 500 MB can be loaded and processed without interrupting work within Next tables
  • Improved out-of-the-box and custom validation options
  • Files can be saved in XXL attributes
  • User specific settings for display and import formats (CSV, comma, decimal separators as well as date)
  • Data type of fields can be changed in FrontEnd (for example to checkbox)
  • Optimized transport of applications, menu entries, table configurations and templates
  • Buttons with custom functionality can be added to context menu or top menu
  • Analysis Authorizations of InfoObjects are now considered
  • Aliases for tables are introduced, allowing to use the same table in multiple scenarios
  • Reimplemented import of Excel files, resulting in major performance improvement
  • Extended aDSO support - more aDSO types are supported
  • Bug fixes
  • Updates improving usability
  • Optimization of the lock mechanism for writing data
  • Simultaneous access when writing data
  • bug fixes
  • File import supported (drag and drop of files or file open dialog)- xlsx and CSV are supported
  • Analysis authorization for ADSOs are supported out of the box. For users variables can automatically restrict data according to their auths.  
  • Master data integrity is supported out of the box for InfoObjects (ADSO). The validation mechanism checks if entered or uploaded values comply with master data table, otherwise a validation message is displayed.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Business Add-In (BAdI) for validating field values to integrate any business logic in the validation.
  • Import from the clipboard
  • InfoObjects are supported as table types (incl. time dependency)
  • completely revised global filter as Pop Up
  • Support of variables via Business Add in (e.g. to use "Today", "Yesterday" as filter). This can be used to create bookmarks/templates that always show current (today's) data when refreshing.
  • Technical field names can be switched on and off via the context menu.
  • The inline editing functionality now supports all field value help and validation options.
  • The name of exported files now contains the name of the exported table and the export date.