Version 5 (Q1 / 2019)

  • User to be able to trace changes of records within application (ADSO supported)
  • File import 

Version 4 (01.12.2018):

  • Business Add In (BAdI) for enhancing customer-specific field validation for Import
  • Import from Clipboard
  • Support for InfoObjects as editable tables including time dependency

Version 3 (Release 01.05.2018):

  • Enhancement Options for Tables and Search Help Using SAP Business Add Ins (BAdI)
  • Improvement "Out of the box" search for InfoObjects and other SAP fields (DDIC)

Version 2 (Release 01.01.2018):

  • User templates for saving and sharing table views
  • Menu
  • Multi Edit, Multi-Delete

Version 1 (Release 01.09.2017):

  • Support of DDIC tables and ADSO
  • Flexible table display