New whitepaper: How to bring machine learning and SAP BW together


Written By: Torsten - 23 March, 2020

The machine learning topic has become one of the most important trends in times of Big Data. Because only those companies that can draw the right conclusions from the flood of largely unstructured data can secure their current competitiveness and create new competitive advantages for themselves.

Machine learning works with special algorithms that help companies to make better and more profound business decisions on the one hand and to automate tedious, monotonous or time-consuming tasks on the other. With these two approaches, companies become more adaptable, can react faster to their market environment and are better equipped to compete.

This is because, due to the increasing dynamics of the globalized business environment, economic success largely depends on the flexibility of the company. Machine learning is one way to ensure the company's adaptability and to consolidate and further develop the market position and existing competitive advantages.

But how can you and your company use state of the art machine learning together with SAP BW as effectively as possible? What advantages in particular can be generated? Our new whitepaper answers these and many other questions.


  • ... how you can secure your competitiveness with machine learning.
  • ... how to improve your cash flow and liquidity planning.
  • ... which criteria must be met for a successful machine learning project.
  • ... what challenges and opportunities exist.
  • ... which machine learning tools are available in the SAP world.

If you are currently planning the use of Machine Learning in your company or would like to get a detailed overview of the various possibilities and advantages, download our free whitepaper now:

Whitepaper Machine Learning

If you have any questions on this topic, we are happy to help you at any time. A first overview of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can be found here:

Learn more about Machine Learning and AI

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