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    SAP BW/4HANA & Data Tiering with NSE - a Performance Comparison

    Today we are talking about data management in your HANA system and what simple Data Tiering option you have available to save valuable memory that HANA works with. Not ...

    Filename determination in SAP BW4 Transformation - Flatfile Datasource

    It is often required with flat file interfaces that files should not be processed twice. Ideally, the files are processed once after writing to the application server of ...

    More flexibility in SAP BW - Workspaces and other approaches

    Lack of flexibility and agility are the most frequently criticized aspects of the Business Warehouse. The data contained in BW is subject to a specific structure and is ...

    SAP HANA Connector - Hands-on Data Science with SAP HANA

    Nowadays, rapid prototyping in the machine learning field is important in order to evaluate as many approaches as possible and to select and pursue the most promising ...

    Generation of SQLScript for SAP AMDP transformations with ABAP

    Since SAP Release 7.40 SP05, BW transformations can be executed directly on the SAP HANA database if no ABAP routines are used. The use of SQLScript transformations can ...

    More flexibility for processes: Connecting SAP BW and Apache Airflow

    The integration of systems is an interesting and necessary field that no modern IT landscape can do without. At a time when digital processes are gaining the upper hand ...