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How to use the NextLytics Smart Tile in SAP Analytics Cloud Reporting

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Application Designer allows you to develop custom widgets (components) for your dashboards that can be tailored to your business-specific ...

How to implement a KPI tile with SAP Analytics Cloud Custom Widgets

Since the Q4 2019 release, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Application Designer allows users to develop their own widgets (components). In this article, I will explain what ...

How To Dashboard with SAP Analytics Cloud Application Designer

Welcome to the fourth and for now the last article of our "How to Dashboard" series. In the past articles we have already presented the implementation of a Sales ...

SAP Analytics Cloud Application Designer: important Updates in Q3

In recent weeks, exciting new functions have been added to the programmable part of SAP Analytics Cloud. In today's blog article I'm going to talk about the news about ...

Application Design for SAP Analytics Cloud released

As already discussed in detail in a previous article, the new SAP application, Application Design, has been available for some time as a beta version in the SAP ...