Business Warehouse of the new generation

SAP BW was first published in 1998 as a Business Warehouse Information System (BIW). Due to hardware limitations, the reporting of transaction data was and remained a real challenge. Until 2011, when SAP HANA was introduced as an in-memory database platform. HANA works entirely in memory to cope with the increasing amount of data. 

At the same time, the corporate environment has also changed significantly. The speed of change is increasing, while the environment is becoming more complex and the intensity of corporate interdependencies is growing.

SAP BW on HANA and SAP BW/4HANA meet the requirements of the new times. They enable you to gain valuable insights from your data in order to secure competitive advantages.

New solutions for new times

SAP BW on HANA uses the original BW software from SAP, but moves the execution to the HANA database. BW/4HANA, on the other hand, uses a revised software suite that allows the full performance of the HANA database to be utilized.

SAP BW on HANA offers an impressive ROI with real-time reporting and accelerated analysis without requiring companies to perform a complete system changeover. In addition to these performance improvements, BW/4HANA offers a number of additional functions that were developed specifically for HANA.

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Gain better business insights faster - thanks to the latest in-memory technology

SAP HANA Solution

Proven BW solution ...

Continue to benefit from SAP Business Warehouse as a central and reliable source of business data. Thanks to the full integration into the SAP ecosystem, you always have access to consistent and up-to-date figures so that you can make the right business decisions at any time.

SAP HANA rocket

... fast as lightning

The new generation of Business Warehouse is based on SAP HANA and enables you to fully exploit the potential of your data. And it is extremely fast. Don't waste time waiting, but use the freshly gained knowledge before the competition.

SAP HANA Decision

Decision making made easy

Thanks to a central and reliable source of data, you can accelerate your processes and promote innovation. Insights can be provided in real time. Concentrate on the essential and gain a better overview of your business!

Foster innovation with a reliable source of data
SAP HANA Realtime

Evaluate data in real time

To take account of the constantly changing business environment, BW/4HANA offers the possibility to analyze real-time data. This enables you to react faster to changing business requirements. Develop a new way of handling your data and increase your efficiency and agility!


Get more out of your data

With the HANA database the Big Data Warehouse becomes reality. The system processes large volumes of data in a very short time. Use the integrated machine learning functions to redesign your business. Identify patterns, trends and critical events.

SAP HANA Investment

Secure investment

With the Business Warehouse of the new generation you are prepared for the use of advanced Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Both on-premise and cloud environments are supported. New functions are also continuously developed. Thus, your investments are future-proof.

More agility for your business

Mind blowing performance

Benefit from higher performance with advanced in-memory analysis capabilities and algorithm push down. In this way, a quick ROI is made possible solely by increased performance. Reports that previously took hours to run are now available after a few moments. This dramatically speeds up your reporting and analysis tasks.

New horizons

The performance boost from HANA not only speeds up the tasks that you already perform in BW. It also makes things possible that you could not do before. You can now retrieve real-time data instead of relying on yesterday's reports. In addition, you are now given much more granular insights. This allows you to react much faster to changing business conditions and make smarter decisions.


Leverage SQL Script

Native SQL Script language makes transformations, customer exits and BAdIs more efficient. It ensures that the code is executed directly in the database without the data first being transferred to the application layer. With up to 15 times better runtime, you can now focus on analyzing data and getting results, rather than waiting for the data to be processed.

Accelerated application development thanks to simplified modelling

Accelerate your application development with a completely redesigned user interface for improved data flow modelling. The efficient data warehouse object model enables companies to react faster to changing business requirements. This allows you to create faster, more versatile solutions for greater flexibility.


Integration with other applications

Reduce your costs for data integration, ETL processing and your system infrastructure. SAP BW allows you to connect to your SAP applications as well as a number of other providers and data sources. Make informed decisions based on one version of the truth.

Better usability

Increase user acceptance with an intuitive user experience and a modern look and feel. Self-service analytics enable business users to answer their questions without the help of IT. As a result, user productivity increases.


Reduce data management costs

Reduce your data management and storage costs by automatically distributing multi-temperature data. The data is automatically provided on a correspondingly cost-effective storage medium in accordance with its use. While frequently used, "hot" data is kept in working memory, less used data can be moved to the hard disk or near line storage.

Easy migration

Regardless of whether you have not yet used an SAP Business Warehouse or whether you use several SAP and third-party data warehouses - SAP offers suitable migration tools and services for each of these scenarios. This enables an easy migration to HANA.


More flexibility in the cloud

Your BW can be operated both in the classic on-premise variant and in the form of a cloud solution. If your business is characterized by constant change, you can make your company future-proof with a flexible, highly scalable cloud environment without having to invest in on-premise infrastructure. Benefit from flexibility, versatility and an excellent price-performance ratio.

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