SAP Cloud Platform

Modern business solution in the cloud

With SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), SAP offers a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that provides a wide range of services for developing, integrating and operating new cloud applications. In addition, existing cloud or on-premise applications can be extended to meet customer needs. These can be decoupled from the actual ERP or Data Warehouse core, which allows a previously undreamt-of degree of freedom.

This way you can very quickly advance into new areas and try out different scenarios. Regardless of whether it's mobile applications, modern front ends, machine learning or Internet of Things - with preconfigured modules, new solutions can be used much faster. These can be operated together with on-premises applications or only in the cloud.

All applications are integrated into the SAP landscape, eliminating manual processes and ensuring that your processes run seamlessly. From the SAP Analytics Cloud to third-party tools like SalesForce, integration is fast and easy. Because the SAP Cloud Platform is sold as a Platform-as-a-Service solution, you don't have to worry about hardware or maintenance. And you can scale the processing power to meet your changing needs.

The future of data warehousing - available at the push of a button

SAP Cloud Platform IT landscape

Modernize existing IT landscape in no time

On the one hand, this opens up great opportunities for modernizing your existing IT landscape. Whether it's mobile applications or modern front-ends - thanks to predefined modules, new solutions can be developed and brought to market much faster. And the best thing is that it does not require large investments. New developments can be operated in combination with our own on-premises solutions or exclusively in the cloud.

SAP Cloud Platform AI

The future is now

On the other hand, the SAP Cloud Platform gives you easier access to new, innovative technologies. Thanks to preinstalled services, technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and big data are available to you as turnkey solutions. And the App Center offers more than 1,000 ready-to-use apps to revolutionize your IT.

SAP Cloud Platform Speed

Move fast and break things

Break new ground, regardless of the core ERP or data warehouse system. Provide your users with solutions they need now, not a year from now. And you can do this without jeopardizing the stability of the core system or making future upgrades more difficult by over-customizing. Since you can define your own release windows from now on, your product will reach your users faster.

Fast, innovative solutions - freely scalable

SAP Cloud Platform scalable

Flexibly scalable

Make your company future-proof with a flexible, highly scalable cloud environment without having to make large investments in on-premise infrastructure. The services of the SAP Cloud Platform can be flexibly scaled and quickly adapted to changing requirements. Benefit from flexibility, versatility and an excellent price-performance ratio.

SAP Cloud Platform ready to use

Ready to use

SAP Cloud Platform is sold as a turnkey solution. Thanks to the cloud architecture, you do not need to worry about hardware or network. SAP offers an automated and integrated solution to get you up and running quickly and easily.

SAP Cloud Platform costs


With SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), no investments in the infrastructure are necessary.  And maintenance costs are completely eliminated. In addition, the SCP enables full cost control with usage-based billing and transparent monitoring. Control costs by paying only for features that your company actually uses. This allows you to allocate your budget according to current conditions and focus on activities with the highest added value.

Building block system with high added value

Data-driven insights

Gain valuable and actionable insight to anticipate business results and uncover new opportunities. With Predictive Analytics, your applications can be expanded in real time with machine learning and artificial intelligence. With a highly scalable platform, you can easily handle large volumes of structured, unstructured, streaming and Internet of Things data. Out-of-the-box services, tools, APIs and applications are available to integrate and extend your solutions, streamline your business processes and create an engaging digital experience.

Easy integration

With the Cloud Platform Integration Service, you can easily integrate your applications to ensure that your processes run seamlessly and securely. With pre-built integration processes, you can connect SAP and third-party systems faster, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Integration replaces manual processes, so you can focus on innovation and growth in your business.


Get the most out of your data

With Big Data Services, you can transform your business by unlocking the full potential of your data. Get started immediately with a secure, robust solution based on the Hadoop and Spark ecosystem. SAP Cloud Platform takes care of everything else, from hardware to network. Get the most out of your data without worrying about capacity, provisioning and resizing clusters to optimize performance.

Application development the easy way

Thanks to the ready-made building blocks of the SAP Cloud Platform such as the database, app server, development tools, data integration tools and the analytics engine, you can accelerate your application development many times over. This enables you to react quickly to new business requirements.


Develop your own apps in no time

Today, more and more users are demanding mobile apps to stay up to date on the go. With mobile services from the SAP Cloud Platform, you can use the ready-made infrastructure to securely access your on-premise data. With the SAP Cloud Platform SDK, you can develop apps for iOS and Android. You can use ready-made building blocks such as offline mode and push messages. This allows you to release a finished app every week instead of investing a year in development.

Over 1,000 ready to use apps

More than 1,000 ready-to-use apps from SAP and partners are available through the SAP App Center. They are based on the SAP Cloud Platform and can be used immediately. This allows you to cover most application scenarios without any development effort on your part.

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