A comparison of SAP BW, HANA Native and Data Warehouse Cloud


Written By: Lutz - 07 October 2021
(updated on: 31 May 2022)

The release of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud has unsettled many customers. Especially those who have focused their data warehouse strategy on SAP BW/4HANA or HANA Native are wondering if they made the right decision. Especially since this cloud-based data warehouse solution seems to stand in stark contrast to the on-premises solutions SAP BW or HANA Native.

In order to provide you with an overview and support you in selecting the right warehousing strategy, we have examined this topic in our new whitepaper. After an introduction to the issues and an overview of the tools, we go into detail about the products SAP BW, HANA Native and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and their respective areas of application.


Download the whitepaper and find out which product is best for your data warehousing strategy


SAP HANA Native - Analyses within seconds

SAP HANA Native stands out particularly in operational reporting. Since the reporting is done directly on the data at hand, you can fully exploit the performance advantages of the HANA database and gain important insights in a matter of seconds. In addition, the HANA database per default includes Machine Learning capabilities. Thus enabling you to integrate this groundbreaking technology into business processes.

SAP BW - The proven solution

Following SAP HANA Native, we will take a look at SAP BW. For a long time, this product was considered as the go-to tool when it came to data warehousing. And there are still definite reasons to continue using a dedicated business warehouse (BW). These are explained in our whitepaper.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - A Step towards Self Service Data Warehouse 

With Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP is taking an important step towards self-service data warehousing. In the future, data modeling will not only be carried out by the IT department, but also by the business department, which will accelerate the analysis processes in the company. The Spaces concept empowers users to perform independent analyses, leading to higher productivity and business agility. In our whitepaper, you can find possible areas of application for this new tool.

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