NextTables–Easy Data Editing in SAP BW!

Editing Master Data in SAP BW Out of the Box

You work with large amounts of data and use SAP Business Warehouse to manage this data, but want to get more out of your data?

SAP BW offers you an ideal basis for an Analytics Driven Application, but lacks a simple user interface for data maintenance for business users. This is exactly where our add-on NextTables comes in, as you can edit all tables in your SAP BW out-of-the-box - immediately ready for use, adapted in no time at all. Best of all, you do not need your own server because NextTables is integrated into the SAP system.


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Make more out of your data: NextTables makes editing tables in SAP BW easier, faster and more intuitive.

Reduce Costs

Better performance and simple usability reduce the effort required for data processing in SAP BW and increase your savings potential tremendously.

NextTables reduce costs

Best User Experience

A uniform interface allows you to edit data intuitively and saves you the hassle of working in Excel.

NextTables interface


NextTables is easily executed via a web interface - so you can work together with other departments on projects.

NextTables collaboration
INextTables supported formats

Various Supported Formats

Unlike SAP BW, NextTables offers you a wide range of supported formats such as InfoObjects, DSO, ADSO, and DDIC.

NextTables customization


Using BADIs, you or your IT department can quickly and easily integrate custom extensions into NextTables.

NextTables out of the Box

Out of the Box

The most important features for editing SAP data and tables are at your disposal immediately.

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NextTables Use Cases

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Modern BW IP and BPC planning solutions include many custom developments based on parameters in ADSOs or tables. The maintenance of these parameters requires individual ...
NextTables Use Case Custom Buttons
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With NextTables you can easily implement scenarios where different departments can edit individual fields while others remain locked for them. In this way, you can ...
How to protect data from unauthorized access in NextTables
You can use authorizations to protect your data from unauthorized access. Authorizations restrict access to data in order to avoid business risks and financial losses ...
Features and Use Cases NextTables is the simple out of the box solution for  editing and maintaining tables in SAP. Download our presentation on NextTables  now and learn all about possible use cases and features. Download Presentation

Display table contents

  • Export possibility to CSV or Excel
  • Pivotservice: Simple and fast display and sorting of data groups
  • Automatic recognition of data types
  • The sorting and the column order can be chosen freely
  • Automatic column width selectable

NextTables Cost Type

Change Data

  • Easy editing of tables thanks to an intuitive interface
  • Inline editing, i.e. direct editing of cells, possible
  • Multiple records can be changed/deleted or copied at once
  • Large data sets can be conveniently pasted into the table via the clipboard

NextTables Change Data

Creating New Tables

  • A new table or Data Store Object (DSO) is configured in seconds
  • The changeability of the table, such as insert, change or delete, can be set individually for each table
  • The configuration of each column can be changed simply by clicking on it (e.g. define mandatory field, adjust search help, lock column against changes)

NextTables Create Table

Search Help

  • Immediate search results while the user is typing
  • DDIC fields with search help or domain supported
  • InfoObjects with texts are supported "out of the box
  • Where possible, fuzzy search is performed (requires SAP HANA)
  • If desired, the standard search help can easily be extended (e.g. for customer or employee search, etc.)
  • The search result provides the entire context so that the user always finds the right value

NextTables Search Help

User Templates

  • User templates can be created for even better user-friendliness
  • User templates store all settings of a table, such as column sorting, order, filter, etc.
  • Each user can create his own templates, which only the user himself can see
  • Global templates (administrator) can be seen and used by all users
  • Templates are displayed in the URL, so they can also be sent by e-mail

NextTables User Template

Enhanced Import Functions

  • Import from files (Excel and CSV) as well as from the clipboard with immediate validation report possible
  • Import corrections out of the box (e.g. currency symbols are automatically removed from amount fields or corrections can be extended table- or field-specifically)
  • Various validation options already implemented and table-specific implementable
  • Warning if a record with the same key value already exists
  • Import dialog as standalone display or integrated into any table display
  • Formatting independent through automatic column recognition via the column header
  • An Excel template in the appropriate format for imports can be downloaded

NextTables Import Functions
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Knowledge base

Our knowledge base makes you familiar with the most important parameters and guides you step by step through the implementation of the customizations.