Get more out of your data with Smart Tables


You work with big data and use SAP Business Warehouse to manage this data, but actually want to get much more out of your data? In the area of Data Driven Applications, customers' requirements are becoming ever higher in terms of both the speed of implementation and the scope of the applications. The wish of many users: the combination of data entry and analysis, i.e. Analytics Driven Application.


This is exactly where our NextTables application comes in. The SAP Business Warehouse forms an ideal basis for an Analytics Driven Application, as it has many options that have already been implemented:

  • The ABAP application server already offers all options for authorizations, user management, Web servers, and so on.
  • The SAP Business Warehouse usually already contains the most important company data
  • SAP Business Objects provides the analytics tools
  • Planning components such as Integrated Planning and BPC can map complex planning scenarios
  • NextLytics NextTables provides simple and intuitive data entry, import and table display


The Challenge - Analytics Driven Application

SAP BW offers you an ideal basis for an Analytics Driven Application, but there is no simple user interface for data maintenance for business users. When it comes to collaboration, the option of working together on tables or master data is also missing. However, especially nowadays, when many companies have a decentralized structure, this option is indispensable. Working in SAP BW is usually complex, which significantly reduces user-friendliness.


There is a large gap between the desired requirements of many business users and the possibilities in SAP BW. The solution that closes this gap is the Smart Tables application.


Close the gap with Smart Tables

The Solution - NextTables

Key Features of Smart Tables

Use Cases

NextTables provides you with a central user interface and simplifies your work with and on data considerably. NextTables helps you, for example, when...


... decentralized units should provide data in a uniform format in a central SAP Business Warehouse thanks to flexible import and validation options.


... you want to support the operational control and planning of business processes, for example in personnel planning.

This requires good and fast input options with NextTables and at the same time reporting options for dashboards.


... you want to start a planning project, but SAP Business Planning & Consolidation and Integrated Planning are not agile enough for you.


... if you want to have master data maintained in the SAP Business Warehouse by departments that attach importance to intuitive data maintenance.       

NextTables supports you in the maintenance of configuration data, rule tables and master data and offers you as a business user a simple and intuitive input option in a user-friendly web interface. NextTables closes the gap between your needs and the requirements of a data driven application.

Your options with and without NextTables:


  • Supported formats: InfoObjects
  • Search function: values from to, unequal, equal etc.
  • Edit: Simple editing
  • Templates: no


  • Supported formats: InfoObjects, DSO and DDIC
  • Search function: live search, fuzzy search, DDIC fields, text search, etc.
  • Edit: Inline editing, editing multiple data sets, editing master data together
  • Templates: individual user templates for reuse

Which functions does NextTables offer in detail? What does the application look like in a productive environment? What additional functions are planned? You can find out all about it here: