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Written By: Bernhard - 07 March 2024

Exciting news for NextTables!
We just kicked off the development of a new Version of NextTables that is Co-Innovated with SAP and will support maintaining and editing data in SAP Datasphere.

The new version will have all the features customers love about NextTables:

  • Adding new & Editing existing Data right in the Browser
  • Upload Excel- and CSV-files via drag&drop
  • Ensuring Data Quality thanks to our technical validation and your custom business validations
  • State-of-the-art and business-first User Experience (UX)
  • Lots of Customization Options for IT allowing the business departments not to worry about setting up database connections or hassle with any technical gibberish

Sign up as Early Adopter!

Sign up as Early Adopter! Want to receive early access to the new version?  You will get exactly that by signing up as an Early Adopter, alongside additional exclusive sneak-previews and influencing options in the following months.   Become an Early Adopter 


To kick off the new version, we had an awesome workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece, with lots of great brainstorming sessions and some nice food and drinks to springboard our motivation. Here are some impressions of the Workshop and the NextTables team:




To give you a small sneak peek, this is how the new version might look like:


While this is a long term commitment to improve upon NextTables and bring it to Datasphere, we won't forsake your current on premise installations. The upcoming versions will contain various bug fixes and a master/item feature which makes each row expandable with a second table embedded. Also we already mapped out new features and improvements we want to release throughout the year. Stay tuned!

Would you like to learn more about NextTables? Here we present the current version of NextTables in detail and show you all possible applications in our feature gallery: Learn all about NextTables.

Learn all about smart data maintenance with NextTables

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