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Written By: Irvin - 24 November 2022

Since TechEd 2021 at the latest, it has been clear that Sap Data Warehouse Cloud (DWC) is the future of SAP-based data warehousing (DWH). With the shift in focus of SAP's product strategy from BW/4HANA to Data Warehouse Cloud, our customers are faced with the question of whether they should also migrate their own BW system to this new cloud solution.

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DWC combines, for the first time, SAP's reliability with some of the biggest paradigm shifts of recent years, such as SaaS, Cloud, Data Mesh & Literacy, and User Centric Design, offering a modern product that will meet the business requirements of the future. What is certain is that DWC is replacing SAP Business Warehouse (BW) as the leading SAP data warehousing solution and major innovations can only be expected there. But is it already fit for productive use today?

We answered these and other questions together with you in our webinar on November 17, 2022.

Watch the recording of our webinar:
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud - Is it ready for you? 


Webinar_recording_SAP DWC


  • SAP’s Product Strategy: The future of BW and DWC
  • Self Service: Include Business Users in Data Modeling
  • Reality Check: Current Limitations & Recommendations
  • Implementation paths: Sharing our practical experiences
  • Conclusion and Q&A: We answer your questions

We were able to answer many of your individual questions during the live Q&A session on the webinar:

  • Is DWC mature enough for enterprise deployment?
  • What is the outlook for the future?
  • Should I use DWC, or stick with BW?
  • How do I fit DWC into my current BW landscape and overall BI strategy?

The high number of questions has shown us how big the interest is in the SAP DWC and in initial field reports. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can talk about your current challenges and your questions in a non-binding conversation. 

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