SAP planning tools compared: SAP BW IP, BPC and SAC


Written By: Torsten - 24 January, 2020

When it comes to planning, budgeting or forecasting key figures, Excel is still one of the most popular tools. However, if this planning process is to be implemented and executed company-wide, there are, however, in times of digital transformation, much more effective tools that also reduce the susceptibility to errors.

In the SAP world, there exists three different solutions that can be used to implement integrated business planning: SAP BW IP, BPC and SAC. All tools are characterized by distinctive functions, their possible applications and their advantages, which the business and IT departments have to weigh up against each other.


BW-IP uses the BW modeling tools to create data models, define input-ready queries and planning logic. Such technical tasks are not suitable for the business department and must be performed by the IT department. For this reason, planning applications created with BW-IP usually cover centralized planning scenarios with a large number of planners. In contrast, BPC targets users from the business department and also supports flexible planning scenarios. SAP Analytics Cloud continues to pursue this approach and extends ad hoc planning scenarios with new technologies such as AI and Machine Learning. SAP Analytics Cloud also represents the future strategic direction of SAP.

But which tool is best suited to your requirements? We give you this answer in our new white paper "SAP Planning Tools in Comparison - SAP BW IP vs. BPC vs. SAC". The result is a detailed catalogue of requirements, based on our many years of experience from many successful projects, which will help you to make the strategically correct decision.

In our white paper you will also learn

  • how SAP BW IP, BPC and SAC differ
  • Which planning tool is suitable for you
  • which requirements of the department the solutions cover
  • which requirements of the IT department the solutions cover
  • which factors you should consider

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