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How To Dashboard with SAP Analytics Cloud Application Designer

Welcome to the fourth and for now the last article of our "How to Dashboard" series. In the past articles we have already presented the implementation of a Sales ...

Simple comment function in SAP Lumira Designer 2.3

With the growing adoption of interactive dashboards that replace static PowerPoint slides or printed PDFs, more and more end users are looking for a comment feature.  ...

Lumira Designer 2.3 - Bookmarking with a Composite

In this blog entry we want to take a look at composites and illustrate how popular functions can be implemented as composites. At this point we decided for bookmarking, ...

SAP Analytics Cloud vs Lumira Designer - the ultimate Comparison

Would you like to implement a meaningful dashboard with SAP or are you interested in the various possibilities with which such a dashboard can be implemented? In recent ...

How to Dashboard with Lumira Designer 2.3

In the first article of our blog series "How to Dashboard" we presented a Sales Dashboard professionally and visually. The second article explained how users can ...

How To Dashboard with SAP Analytics Cloud Story

  In the first article of our blog series "How to Dashboard" we developed a Sales Dashboard visually. In the second article of the blog series I would like to show you ...

How to Dashboard - visual implementation of a sales dashboard

In the first part of our series "How to Dashboard" I want to show you the functional implementation of a sales dashboard. It is not about the detailed technical ...

SAP Analytics Cloud - three different Connection Types

In this blog article, I'd like to take a closer look at the different connection types within SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). SAP hosts SAC in its own data centers and the ...

SAP Analytics Cloud Application Designer: important Updates in Q3

In recent weeks, exciting new functions have been added to the programmable part of SAP Analytics Cloud. In today's blog article I'm going to talk about the news about ...