SAP master data: Delegate SAP BW master data maintenance to departments


Written By: Sebastian - 03 December 2020
(updated on: 23 January 2023)

With NextTables you can easily implement scenarios where different departments can edit individual fields while others remain locked for them. In this way, you can protect important data from changes by unauthorized persons and still delegate master data maintenance. There are various use cases, which are explained below using examples.

Maintain master data of a cost center by different departments

Consider the following example - the master data of a cost center should be maintained by different departments. For example, the person responsible should be processed by the HR department, while controlling adjusts the business devision of the respective cost center. All other fields should remain unaffected. Furthermore, the two departments are not allowed to add new entries or delete existing data.

While such requirements usually require several days of development, this scenario can be implemented in NextTables with just a few clicks. No coding is necessary. The implementation can be done even by the business department.

So-called alias-tables are used for this purpose. These refer to the same cost center InfoObject. Authorizations ensure that the respective departments can only access their alias-tables.

Cost Center InfoObject Alias

Via settings of the first alias-table you can make sure that only the field Person Responsible can be edited.

Only personal responsible ist editable

You can also use the table settings to specify that entries in this table cannot be added or removed.

Only edit is possible

The settings of the second table were set so that only the business division can be edited. Note that the field Person Responsible cannot be edited.


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Account Model Example

Another use case could be the maintenance of different key figures in an account model. For example, one department should manage revenues (account 100) and the other department costs (account 200).

Account model data

This example can also be implemented with NextTables with relatively little effort. For this purpose, two alias-tables are created and pre-filtered using a BAdI. Authorizations are used to ensure that each department only has access to its table.

Account Model Alias

Depending on the department, only income or costs are shown in the respective table.

Only one account is visible

Our Summary - SAP master data

As you can see, even the most demanding scenarios can be implemented very easily with NextTables. In most cases, no programming is required, so the configuration can be done by the business department itself, without the support of the IT department.

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