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Highlights of NextTables Version 7.0

After almost half a year a new version of the proven tool for master data management is released - NextTables 7.0. In this article I present the highlights of the new ...

How to find the right values with NextTables search help

Especially for fields with many entries, finding the desired value can be challenging. The cryptic keys make the search even more difficult. Thus, finding the right ...

How to auto-correct imported values with NextTables

Problems often arise when importing data from an Excel or CSV file. Common causes of errors are, for example, different formats or incorrect technical keys. Also, often ...

Improve SAP Test Data Management with NextTables

When we plan new projects or major changes in an existing application or data flow, testing becomes a crucial part of it. Any issue during development has a big impact ...

NextTables Knowledge Base now available

With NextTables we offer business users a simple visual interface for data maintenance and upload. This allows you to edit all master data and tables in SAP BW out of ...

How to track changes with NextTables

Especially with sensitive data, it is necessary to record who did the last change and also the date of the last change. This avoids business risks, such as financial ...

ag grid now available with NextTables for SAP BW

Maintaining and entering data in SAP BW was and is cumbersome and not user-friendly. A state that can be changed with ag-Grid. The probably best HTML5 grid currently ...