Features of NextTables

NextTables is the intelligent solution for displaying and editing any SAP tables and Data Store Objects (DSOs) of a SAP Business Warehouse. In addition to the extended functions, the focus of NextTables is above all on the simple user interface, which guarantees intuitive usability.

At a glance

Display table contents:

  • Export option to CSV or Excel
  • Pivotservice: Simple and fast display and sorting of data groups 
  • Automatic recognition of data types
  • Sorting and column order can be chosen freely
  • Automatic column width selectable

Change table contents:

  • Easily edit tables with an intuitive interface
  • Inline editing, i.e. direct editing of cells, is possible
  • Multiple records can be modified/deleted or copied at once
  • Large data sets can be conveniently inserted into the table via the clipboard

Configure new table:

  • A new table or Data Store Object (DSO) is configured within seconds
  • The modifiability of the table, such as inserting, changing or deleting, can be set individually in each case 
  • The configuration of each column can be changed simply by mouse click (e.g. define mandatory field, adjust search help, lock column against change)

Search help

  • Immediate search results while the user is still typing
  • DDIC fields supported with search help or domain
  • InfoObjects with texts are supported out of the box
  • Fuzzy search is performed wherever possible (requires SAP HANA)
  • One standard solution (which is sufficient in 80% of cases)
  • If desired, the standard search help can be easily extended (e.g. for customer or employee search, etc.)
  • The search result provides the entire context so that the user always finds the right value

User Templates

  • User templates can be created for even better user-friendliness
  • User templates save all settings of a table, such as column sorting, order, filters, etc.
  • Each user can create their own templates, which only the user can see.
  • Global templates (administrator) can be seen and used by all users
  • Templates are displayed in the URL, so that they can also be sent by e-mail