Extensions for NextTables

With NextTables, we provide you with a wealth of functions even in the basic version. If you have additional requirements, you can make these in the configurations. For special requirements, you or we simply adapt NextTables exactly to your needs thanks to Business Add-ins (BADIS). Here are the possibilities with BADIS at a glance: 


  • Change metadata (table and columns)
  • Changing the read access
  • Changing the write access
  • Auto Key of a key field (using GUID or number range object)
  • Automatic saving of the person who made the change/change date
  • Extended authorizations
  • More complex transformations such as transposition

Search help

  • Change metadata (search or dropdown, for how many characters is searched, only values found by the search may be accepted)
  • Change of search
  • own implementation of a search and rendering of the search result
  • You can define a dropdown for InfoObjects with few characteristics
  • For complex InfoObjects such as customer number, product number, employee, you can implement your own searches that display formatted attributes/texts