SAP Analytics Cloud

Fast, Easy and Secure - Self Service BI, Planning and Real-Time Analysis for all users

With SAP Analytics Cloud, the Walldorf-based software specialists have introduced a product that significantly simplifies and improves data analysis as well as the planning and creation of self-service dashboards and enables objective if-then scenarios by linking to intelligent cloud services from SAP.

The main functions

Planning & Analysis

SAP Analytics Cloud allows you to easily plan and analyze large volumes of data across your enterprise without scripting or programming skills. By connecting to the SAP Cloud, you can perform analyses and scenarios in real time. Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud is very easy with sliders. Simple planning scenarios can also be embedded in our Value Driver Tree.


Self Service Dashboards

With the help of models and stories, SAP users can also create their own analysis dashboards. Scripting skills are not required, but it is recommended that the IT department set up templates and governance once only. Thanks to in-memory technology from SAP HANA and guided machine learning, you as a user receive meaningful analyses - in real time!

Your added value

Predictive analytics

By connecting to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) and the possibility of automatic learning through Smart Discovery, patterns and relationships between key figures and dimensions can be identified and if-then scenarios can be mapped. But please note: Forecasting strongly depends on the quality of the data and the knowledge gained by the user himself.

Performance, fast results

By using the SAP HANA Cloud platform, data can be processed extremely quickly and the user does not have to install and maintain any software packages. SAP Analytics Cloud can be used browser-based, which also significantly accelerates performance.

A platform not only for the IT department

SAP Analytics Cloud is designed in such a way that even power users can create their own plans, dashboards and analyses easily and without script knowledge.

Data diversity on a uniform platform

In SAP Analytics Cloud, not only data from SAP HANA or SAP BW can be imported or connected live from the SAP Cloud platform, but also Excel and other file formats can be used. However, the SAP Analytics Cloud not only offers a variety of data selection options, but also the uniform platform that many have been longing for and which integrates all tools.


Of course, the topic of security plays a prominent role in sensitive company data. The SAP Analytics Cloud offers security for your company data in several ways. On the one hand, all data is processed in accordance with GDPR / DSGVO, and on the other hand, customers can choose the location of their hosting data center, with which SAP in turn concludes a data processing contract in every case. In the SAP Analytics Cloud, your sensitive data never leaves the corporate network, only metadata is exchanged with the cloud.



This new platform can provide all components for an advanced analytics solution. SAP Analytics Cloud is based on SAP HANA and uses the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with its data storage, cloud connectors and corresponding operational functions. Data can be provided as Live Data Connection or imported as local data.


Convince yourself now of the many advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud and test the new SAP solution without obligation - we will be happy to assist you with our expertise.